There are many reason you might be famous or well-known. It doesn’t really matter why people know you, the joys and issues of fame will be similar for everyone.

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Why People Are Famous

You could be famous because you are a talented entertainer. It may be that you have been in your local or national newspaper for some reason, good or bad. Politicians are famous, and although this may be localised fame, it is still something to be worked through as they will be recognised in their local area. Some politicians who rise through the ranks can be well-known nationally, or even internationally if they reach the high ranks of government.

Dealing With Fame

There are many reasons why you might be famous. There are famous sports stars who are known nationally and internationally. Many film stars are also recognisable in their own country and all over the world. You could be a famous singer or musician or an ‘A’ List actor on stage.

More and more people are becoming famous just for being famous. This generally happens because they have appeared on a reality show or are the husband, wife or partner of someone famous. Fame can come from being a musician or comedian. There are lots of world famous models too.

Sudden or Gradual Fame

Many people gradually become famous. They might appear in a few films or TV shows and work their way up to getting a starring role in a blockbuster film or TV series. However, there are some people who shoot to stardom overnight. You may have won millions on the Lotto and didn’t tick the privacy button. Suddenly your name and face is appearing everywhere. This is overnight fame.

Dealing with Fame

No matter why you are famous it can sometimes be difficult to deal with fame. However, you could love the limelight and thrive on being recognised with all that it brings. There are many things to know about being famous.


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Available Audiobooks on Being Famous

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