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Dealing With Fame

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It seems that just about everyone wants to be famous these days. But what can they do to deal with fame if/when they become famous? Even if an individual has no obvious talent there are countless television programs that will satisfy the need to have their five minutes of fame.

There are many others who do have talent and go on to have ten, twenty and even a few hours worth of fame.

And of course there are the very few who have what it takes to make fame and celebrity last a lifetime and beyond.

But what preparation do people have for what is going to happen to their life when fame comes knocking? My experience is that they have very little or none at all.

This audio book “Dealing with Fame” is not meant to be an attempt to prepare or instruct anyone on how to handle fame. Furthermore it is not therapy or counselling. Yet it does look at how some people may cope with it better than others. After all fame is not an exact science.

The point is that some people handle celebrity with ease and others crumble at the first sign of it. There are myriads of magazines and publications highlighting the lives of individual celebrities. The general public cannot get enough gossip about their favourite idols.  There are few books published about fame itself and the effects it can have on the unprepared wannabe.

You can use Dealing With Fame as an insight into some of the positive and less positive issues about being a well known public figure because it covers life before, during and after fame as well as looking at specific challenges and how they can be handled to avoid the downward spiral that leads many celebrities to drink, drugs and depression.


This book is amazing and just what I needed. I have no words to describe how much I love it, I find myself reading it over and over again from cover to cover

Ray Richmond – Customer January 2013

You can buy Dealing With Fame Audio Book on:  ITunes or Audible (UK) or Audible (Rest of World) or Amazon (UK) or Amazon (Rest of World) or Teachable

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Dealing with Fame

How to Deal With Being Famous

We all have different strategies for dealing with life. Those who need to deal with being famous can have additional challenges as everything they do is in full public view.

In Dealing With Fame we will look at some of the ways people have worked which out and how you might develop a strategy on how to deal with being famous.

You can buy Dealing With Fame Audio Book on: ITunes or Audible (UK) or Audible (Rest of World) or Amazon (UK) or Amazon (Rest of World) or Teachable

About the Author

First of all, you hit the charts with a bullet. You’re on tour. The video you have made is one of the most requested on TV and your film is number one at the box office. Your TV show is a hit. You’re one of the most admired sports personalities in the world. Thousands of fans admire and adore you. You should be happy. You should be ecstatic….yet you’re not. You have success, but you don’t really feel successful. Or worse, you can’t enjoy your success because you’re so worried it’s going to leave and you’ll be right back where you started. You’re stressed, you’re frazzled and you’re exhausted.

What is a celebrity to do? According to many, Frank Shapiro holds the answer. Frank is a motivational speaker, career expert, stress management specialist and author. He is also a personal life and career coach for celebrities and corporate executives. In a nutshell, Frank helps his clients learn how to have a better life…a happier life and a less stressful life. He shows clients how to be more successful and stay more successful without the anxiety, stress and lack of control they often feel. He gives them the power to change things themselves.


What a wonderful book!

Esra Kharaz – Leeds

“You just feel better after you talk to him,” says one client. “He makes you feel you can do anything and then shows you that you can,” he added. “You call him panicked about some problem or situation and after talking for a while you’re calm and have an idea how to make things better. He makes you laugh and you feel good in spite of yourself.”

The Entertainment Industry

Frank Shapiro, who has travelled on the road as a manager with celebrities from the music and entertainment industries, knows what it’s like and has seen the symptoms first hand. “You’re with the same people day after day. Home becomes a tour bus, hotels, planes and limos. In order to tour, you have to leave your family and friends for extended periods of time. Everyone is constantly making demands on your life and decisions for you and you feel a loss of control.”

“It’s no wonder many celebrities, especially those in the music industry are stressed, exhausted and frazzled a good portion of the time,” says Frank. “They need to stay up late because they need to unwind after a show, get up early to catch a plane, have to answer the same interview questions day after day, not eating right because they’re on the road and the list goes on. There is a constant, around the clock pressure. Some try to fix this by overindulging however others just ignore the situation until it is too late.”

“The key,” says Frank, “is taking the first step to a solution. You owe it to yourself to do something now,” he tells clients. “Believe it or not, there are happy people in this industry and in this world. The only difference between the two, are the happy people have learned a better way to view things and deal with situations. Everyone has a gift,” said Frank. “One of mine is showing others the way they can be happier and less stressed.

Frank Shapiro offers personal consultations, on the road consultations and phone consultations. As he has also worked with clients in both the corporate world and entertainment industry, he understands confidentiality is mandatory in his business. ”

Finally if you want to know who his clients are, you will have to ask them because my lips are sealed.


Excellent, helped me a lot Customer June 2016

You can buy Dealing With Fame Audio Book on: ITunes or Audible (UK) or Audible (Rest of World) or Amazon (UK) or Amazon (Rest of World) or Teachable

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