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When Money is no Object

There is nothing better during the cold winter months than to plan a trip somewhere warm and peaceful. Imagine if you had the time and money to go anywhere you chose. Where would you go and what would you get up to once you arrived? Would you choose some far off place with beaches and sand and not much else? Or would you choose a place that was buzzing with nightlife?


Some people dream of living a life of luxury. Owning mansions all over the world and collecting cars and boats as if they were going out of fashion. Even if this is not the life you crave you will most probably be interested in taking a peak into how those with this lifestyle spend their time and money. What do they do and where do they go?  How do those with huge wealth live and spend their recreation time.

Secluded Privacy

Many people, especially high profile celebrities choose to spend time in parts of the world where very few people would ever dream of going possibly because of the cost involved. But there are certain placed around the world where the rich and famous cast off the hustle bustle of a hectic work.  Some will want to relax with nothing more than a good book and exotic drinks to keep them company.

So where do they go, those people with the money and inclination to get away from it all? Well the simple answer is, wherever they want because they can afford it. The world is their oyster and they have no qualms about prising it open to discover the pearls that it has to offer.

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a couple they wouldn’t think twice about renting a villa on the luxurious island hideaway of Fregate in the Seychelles.


Mega Wealthy

In fact being mega rich and fantastically famous allowed them the luxury of not thinking twice or even once about renting a villa there, instead they reportedly rented the whole island.

This small island is ideal for exploring on foot. The maximum number of guests allowed n the island at any one time is thirty-two so if you have a large family or lots of friends it may be too small for you.

If you don’t mind sharing the island with strangers you could rent one of the sixteen elegant beachfront villas but if you would like to join the elite and rent the whole island exclusively for one week sources tell me that you would need to cough up about £120,000.

Mind you, this does allow you to stroll along your own beach in complete privacy. I am also reliably informed that being wined and dined would be included in the price.

Luxury Island

Travel to a different part of the world and you might want to indulge in another island retreat. Neker Island, owned by Richard Branson is a favourite with many celebrities and high flying business people. This Caribbean island offers everything that you would ever want or need if you wanted to get away from it all.

This 74-acre island has been a favourite hideaway for the rich and famous. With a maximum of twenty-six guests at any one time you will be sure not to bump into many other people as you relax on the private beaches and sip exotic cocktails. This is one of the reasons such mega celebrities such as Robert De Nero, Mel Gibson and Steven Spielberg have been spotted there.

At £10000 per day you need to be a top earner to be able to afford the luxury that this secluded island offers. Included in the price are all meals and as much as you can drink. But hey how much can you drink in a day?

hide away house

Think secluded, think luxurious, think hideaway. Barbara Streisand. She has been reportedly spotted on the beautiful 1000 acre resort of Parrot Cay. Turks and Caicos can be found in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

This 60 room paradise is just the place if you want to get away from it all. You can relax in the certainty that your privacy will be secure. You can spend your days walking quietly along the three mile white sandy beach on which the hotel is located or in one of the yoga meditation classes. This is definitely the place to go if you want relaxation and to rejuvenate your body and soul.

The gourmet food served might not help your physical self but this peaceful resort is sure to keep your spiritual self in tiptop condition. To get here you need to take a 30 minute boat trip from the main Island of Providenciales

Far off places

If you really want to get away from it all there is only one place to visit. Mnemba Island set in a lagoon off the east coast of Zanzibar is only for you if you don’t want to have the basic modern day comforts such as phone or television. The ten rustic beachfront villas are set one of the most beautiful areas in the world. This beautifully formed private island is a hot favourite with top executives like Bill Gates amongst others.

This tiny island offers outstanding snorkelling. It is a favourite for people who want to do very little except relax. This really is the place to visit and hang out.

Forget your cares and get back to basics in a very upmarket kind of way.

blue sea

South Pacific

Fiji in the South Pacific often conjures up thoughts of romantic evenings. You can sip Champagne in privacy under the stars on a sandy beach. The Wakaya Club offers it all. It boasts sandy beaches, and lush forests which cover this 2200-acre private island. You can see why this is a favourite getaway place for Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. This really is a place away from it all. With only 18 guests allowed it is possible to spend your time here without making contact with anyone else. Some of the luxurious rooms have four-poster beds, which just adds to the fairy tail atmosphere of this place. Why not hire the whole island for your self and your friends? If it is a weeks break you want rent a deluxe junior suit with all meals included for £4900.

Value for Money

No matter where you holiday. You want the best that your budget can afford. If, like the super wealthy celebrities and executives you have no upper limit to your budget then you can do no better than to find some of the worlds best kept secret locations. There are many of them out there so break into the piggy bank and get out there and find them.

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