Focus On The Goal To Make It A Reality

You are more likely to achieve what you want when you have a definite focus on what you actually want . This is true no matter what you want.

Spreading yourself to thin will create a scattergun effect and you are much less likely to achieve anything at all.


Focus on where you see your long term ambition to be.

Elegant Diva Ready for a Shoot

It is easy as a young undiscovered actor to take on any work that comes your way. While this is great and will give you experience, it can mean you lose focus.

Spend a little time trying lots of types of acting. Spend a bit of time on the set of a television program. Tread the boards on stage for a while too. If you get the opportunity get as many parts on a film set as you can.

After taking no more than 1 year experimenting, decide on the type of acting you want to do. Then set your sites and go for it. Remember, if the direction you chose doesn’t work out then change your focus on a different type of acting.

Changing your mind is fine as long as you are always only focused on one thing at a time.


Politicians who champion too many causes at a time often achieve nothing.

politician taking oath

If you have a passion for an area then go for it. Put all your time into making a difference in this area. While you may be interested in many areas of your political community, focusing on only one will pay dividends.

You are only human. People will put pressure on you to solve issues for them or front their cause. Explain to them that you wouldn’t do it justice as you have another focus at the moment. It would be good to advise them of a colleague who has a passion and focus for the issue for which they seek help.

Television Work

Presenting on television allows you to have numerous opportunities to further your career. Have you noticed that most television journalists have a specific focus?

actress and camers

Their title states their focus. A political editor has a focus on politics. Sports correspondent is only focused on sport related issues. Showbiz correspondent is an expert on celebrity etc.

What they don’t try to do is report on every topic.

3 steps to finding your focus

  1. List 5 things you are interested in. Choose the one from the five you have  listed that makes time fly when you do it. Focus on that one.
  2. Take a break. There is nothing like taking a break away from it all to clear the mind. Clearing your mind from everyday issues can help you focus on what is important to you
  3. Start small. If you look at the big picture you may put yourself off. The task may seem too big. Take tiny steps and focus on each one at a time. This will make sure you achieve the big goal.

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