The Celebrity Politician

According to the word celebrity means a “famous or well-known person”. There are many ways in which a person can be famous or well-known. Politicians can fit into the category of being famous, especially if they are in the government or involved in politics on the world stage.

There are over 600 politicians in the UK. If you also count local government there are well over 25000. While very few of them will be well known and famous in the international level, they will be well known to their local community.  While in the USA there are over 500 elected officers. Including local offices there are more than half a million people.

You may not think of politicians as being famous but many of them are. And as such they are subject to the same issues that famous entertainers and sports people have. Like other famous people they can be recognised anywhere they go. Politicians can be role models and be scrutinised if they step out of line in their public or private life.

Non-famous people can go largely unnoticed with their every day life. Very few things that you might do would get you in the newspapers unless you were up to anything illegal.

Private Public

Politicians and Fame

So how might a celebrity politician cope with fame?

  1. Be themselves. By being themselves they will be in line with their values. So no matter what they do in the eye of the public they are just being themselves.
  2. Keep your private life as private as possible. This isn’t always easy as you wont want to hide away when you are not actively doing political work
  3. keep away from scandal. It is all too easy for politicians to get embroiled in scandals of one sort of another. Many politicians have a certain amount of power because of the high office. Power can often bring scandal if you step out of line.

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