Top Tips To Contentment For Actors

Contentment for actors

Contentment is often a misunderstood emotion. It is not about having a lack of drive or a feeling that you have ‘made it’. Contentment is about being happy with where you are in your personal life and career right now, while looking ahead to make things even better.

Just relax


I know relaxing is easier said than done sometimes especially as an actor. If you are out of work you will be spending time looking for work. This is not too relaxing. If you are in work you will probably already be looking for your next project. Again, not very relaxing. When you master relaxing you will feel the benefit

Don’t let your focus on the goal spoil the journey

Just like everyone else, actors can sometimes forget to enjoy the build up to what they want to achieve because they are so focused on the end result. Enjoying the journey will help you feel more content.

Appreciate what you already have

That is not to say you shouldn’t want more. Wanting to improve yourself and your life is good. However, enjoy what you do have until you get what you really want. Whatever stage of your acting career you are currently at, enjoy it.

Enjoy the things you can do for free


Many actors make a lot of money. However, many more don’t. Look for what you can do that you enjoy that is completely free. Often free things are the most precious, so explore all that is around you. There are plenty of things that are abundant, free and available


Stressed woman

S = stop and think of the positive things that are already in your personal life and career
T = thank whatever or whoever gave you the good things you already have (remember that might have been yourself)
R = remember that you always have choice, even when you feel you don’t
E = end negative thoughts, they only reinforce negative beliefs.
S = surround yourself with positive people who feed you positive energy
S = start doing whatever it takes to reduce stressful situations in your life. Identify where your stress triggers are and avoid them

Do not mistake contentment for laziness

Work on improving your physical, emotional and spiritual self while appreciating what you already have

Laugh at the little things that go wrong


Reassure yourself that they will have no long-term effect in your life. Don’t treat every small issue like a huge problem. Laugh at the small things that go wrong.

Consider the life you have

Give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved so far. Even if you think you have not achieved much, you will be surprised. Ask a few friends what they consider that you have achieved in any aspect of your life. Only concentrate on what you have a achieved so far, not what you wanted to achieve and didn’t.

Stress is normal

Actors, especially mega successful ones, can often get feel they are above the ‘ordinary’ person. Remember however, they and you are human just like everyone else. You will have your up and down days. So just like the rest of us you will inevitably be stressed sometimes. How you let it affect you is the key to handling it, or not

Look in the mirror

Self-awareness background concept

Do this regularly. I am sure some people look in the mirror too much, and look at the wrong things. Look past what you don’t like and concentrate on your great points. You are perfect as you are right now, even if there are some physical or emotional changes you want to make in the future.

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